Danielle Ross

After reading the play I thought to myself that John Proctor, overall, was a good man.  He made one  mistake, which in the end cost him his reputation.  It reminded me of today’s postmodern society and how we often times expect perfection from our peers, especially individuals who are constantly in the public eye.  Why do you think this is still relevant?  Do think that history/tradition is one of the reasons why this is or is not an issue?


3 thoughts on “Danielle Ross

  1. You raise a very good point. I have yet to figure out why society demands excellence from those in the public eye while setting the bar considerably lower for themselves. This philosophy does nothing but set us up for future failure. Even SportsCenter today is full of people enjoying a very public fall from grace. Be it allegations of sexual abuse or steroid use, there are very few pure rolemodels left. Fair or not, this is reality. There isn’t an easy solution this problem. The only way to avoid this is to turn off televisions and smart phones and lets be honest…nobody wants that.


  2. I think it is important to note how one MAJOR mistake can sometimes be as monumental as Proctor’s in the Crucible. As much as the trials comment on the communism hysteria of the time period, Proctor’s fate could also be directly linked: one decision to join a politically tabooed group, and your life could be ruined. We can relate this to some contemporary examples like joining gangs, getting involved with crime, and other cult-like ventures. I am not suggesting the ultra capitalist argument that all communist are evil, but in the 50’s the government labeled them that way, and even if it was terribly wrong, peoples lives were endangered by their affiliations.


  3. I think we expect perfection from those in the public eye because they often have a lot of money. With that money comes responsibility to influence others in a positive way. It doesnt matter if some guy down the road hates Jews, but it Mel Gibson is shouting about it, it means something. Many people are easily influenced, especially those who aren’t very intelligent. Gibson knows better, and may be simply doing it for attention. I think history influences everything, so yes, I believe it also influences this.
    -Savanna Beach

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